Soap and Sip at Serious Brewing Co.

Craft your own handcrafted soaps while enjoying your favorite cold beverage.


$65.00 per person


About this experience

Ready for a fun night out creating your own natural soap?

Join us at Serious Brewing Co., where you'll learn how to make soap from scratch. In this hands-on session, you'll create your own batch of soap to take home (about 4 bars). 

You'll choose a mineral-based colorant and a fragrance for your batch of soap. 

Your registration includes snacks and a beverage from Serious Brewing Co. All soapmaking materials and supplies will be provided; no prior experience is necessary. Suitable for students ages 18 and up. You will need to pick up your soap from our Cobleskill shop after 24+ hours (fresh soap is not set up enough to safely transport!)

SAFETY NOTE: This is an 18+ class due to the use of lye (sodium hydroxide). Cold process soap requires a month to cure before use. Safety goggles and gloves will be available to share, but feel free to bring your own if preferred.